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I Have Given Up On Elio, Have You?

Discussion in 'General Elio Discussion' started by jdkeats, Mar 11, 2019.

  1. W. WIllie

    W. WIllie Elio Addict

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    Nov 16, 2014
    Campo Ca.
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    Me thinks you posted on the wrong thread.
  2. Ray O

    Ray O Elio Addict

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    Sep 3, 2014
    Canton, Ohio
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    This would be great time for one of the auto makers to buy Elio then the cooperate gas mileage would go down and that would help thee bottom line. Ford make a great 3 cylinder engine and has a good cvt transmission. If all car went to electric there is not enough power in the grid. Also the cost of electric cars is still to high. GM also makes a 3 cylinder engine. forget the air bags and keep the cost low so more people can use the Elio cars to go to work when the pandemic is over. Just a thought.
  3. RSchneider

    RSchneider Elio Addict

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    Jan 6, 2017
    Hellertown, PA
    I got a feeling that will never happen. It's easy for us to determine what companies or rich people should do with their money. In the end, the powerplant and transmission is not a problem at all for Elio. There are at least 10 different 3 cylinder engines made right now that they could use. It's been that way for longer than Elio has been in business. This is why I never understood why Elio went the hard way and tried to build an antiquated engine. Obviously, they figured that out as they will not use their own engine now. Due to their financial issues and disappearing act for the last 2+ years, it would be safe to say the project is dead as the way Paul proposed it. It would have to start over from scratch and even the current design is dated and not close to completion. So, there's not much there to use.

    On a side note, the garage down the street from me was doing a comparison on state inspections. In PA, you need to go over 5K per year to get emissions. So, before the pandemic, 90% of the cars they inspected, got emissions. Now it's only 10%. Many people are letting their cars sit and only using them when needed. They are seeing about 3-4K for a year of use. There's lots of unused product right now, so when things turn around, I suspect they will just use what they have as it's not been doing much.

    Then, it's going to be a while before we are all electric. Even at that point, there will be lots of regular cars out there. So the electrical grid issue is still a long way off.
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  4. Sside67

    Sside67 Elio Fan

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    Jan 12, 2017
    Troy, MI
  5. Coss

    Coss Moderator Staff Member Moderator

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    Sep 5, 2014
    Battle Ground WA
    Hmmm Sside67 I think you posted under the wrong topic.
    You're going to have to move it Please
  6. LGilbert

    LGilbert Elio Aficionado

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    Dec 10, 2013
    Columbus, OH (Clintonville area)
    I don't know what people are waiting for. Elio 'threw in the towel' three years ago, firing his whole staff and stiffing the salaries of his fabricators who had just, painfully, cobbled together his latest show car, which still had loaner interior parts and a non-functioning engine. Nothing has happened since. The blog ran out of re-blogs, the Website has had no updates (except to eliminate the reservation counter), and the FB page has not had an update for 22 months. Elio is DEAD. The $1000 that people bitterly complain about won't pay a single monthly mortgage/prop. tax on an average house, so money is not the reason for all this endless waiting for deliverance.

    Elio elevated himself to guru through slick PR became a pied piper, creating a cult following of mostly ex-motorcyclist who bet their emotional and social life by elevating Elio to a tricycle club lifestyle before it even existed. Many people are still hanging onto this dream.

    It will never be produced for a number of reasons, not the least of which are:

    Elio's reputation in the automotive world is toast. He spent $190,000,000 and produced nothing. He is not investable.
    Elio owes $50,000,000 to suppliers and a defaulted lease. He is not investable.
    The design had major faults, not the least of which was tandem seating. There is no market for it other than motorcyclists.
    The design was a death trap. It is a serious liability to any investor.
    It is not an EV. A successful startup for the mass market today must be an EV or have an EV option.
    It's design is antiquated, resembling a backyard kit car. Better kits are available with proven track records other than being a myth.

    I bet $1000 on a reservation, too. Elio was a crap shoot. Being involved in high performance cars built to survive during accidents for over 50 years, I would have rejected the final purchase of an Elio because of its inability to protect passengers. The 40 mph crash test would have broken the car right behind the firewall and crushed its occupants.
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  7. Velhartice

    Velhartice New Member

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    I like the tandem seating

    Safety when motor vehicles is involved is quite subjective. If you really want to be safe you would never ride in a car ever. Motorcycles are death traps that sell really well. It looks safer than a motorcycle to me. Competency is safer than perceived "safety" of anything.

    When an EV full size car can still charge to 400 mile range in less than 10 minutes after 15 years and 100k miles, last for at least another 10 years, while costing less than $6000 to buy, I'll think about it. Until EV's can be as cheap, convenient, easy to work on, and durable as ICE, EV's are not compatible with my transportation needs. An Elio is a perfect fit though.

    Good, then I'll gladly take your place in "line" so you don't have reject the purchase such a "dangerous" car.
  8. LillyMayPatterson #1685 & #5648

    LillyMayPatterson #1685 & #5648 Elio Addict

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    Dec 5, 2013
    East Keester, OHIO
    Reservation #:
    #1685 & #5648 AND #17,748
    Paul Elio's birthday is this weekend, March 5h or 6th. I am going to wait till Friday to wish him a Happy Birthday on the Elio Motor's Face Book page. I still believe in this project and I still try to wish Paul Elio a Happy Birthday every year. I still like the tanden seating.
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  9. Geo

    Geo Elio Fan

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    Aug 10, 2014
    After receiving an inappropriate alert from admin, I say who cares. The Elio is dead and I gave $1000 for the funeral. I hope the wake was nice. I've given my 'place in line' to my great grand child to see that her GGP was taken by a con artist. Bye all. It's been a ball.

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