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Does This Seem To Be A Scam?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jambe, Oct 19, 2020.

  1. Jambe

    Jambe Elio Addict

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    Jun 2, 2014
    Top of Utah
    Reservation #:
    6100L, 9991L
    This is the ad I have posted on KSL...

    2013 Chevy Silverado work truck. 8' bed, regular cab. Only 86K miles. 4.8L V-8. Brand new tires. New windshield. No power door locks and no power windows are the only negatives. Immaculate. Everything works. If you think the price is too high you need to see it and drive it.
    This is what my text messages have been. (Under what scenario would a person only be able to pay using PayPal?)

    "Hi, what's the least you would go on?.2013 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Custom $15,000

    " How low would I have to go to get you to buy it?


    "Sorry. I can't go less than $14,100.

    "Am ok with the price and everything, do you have an account with PayPal to receive

    "Where are you? This is starting to sound like a scam. Are you going to pick it up in person? How about a cashier's check from a local bank or CU?

    "Am sorry but I can only pay you via PayPal

    "And moreover how does this looks like a scam?
  2. johnsnownw

    johnsnownw Elio Addict

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    May 18, 2016
    Not sure I can say definitively that it's a scam based on that exchange. However, I would NOT take payment via PayPal, because cars are not covered under buyer/seller protections. Certified check or cash, or nothing.
  3. Hog

    Hog Elio Addict

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    Apr 1, 2014
    somewhere deep underground in the NE US
    I always put payment terms in the ad to avoid this, and basically just "bring cash". I also try to be a bit aggressive in the ad and this seems to minimize these guys and be entertaining at the same time. Example below....

    2009 Nissan Rogue S
    121K Miles
    2.5L 4cylinder
    AWD – All Wheel Drive
    Automatic Transmission (CVT)
    Bright Blue Metallic

    One owner, one driver, a mature non-smoker bank employee, so NOT souped up with giant coffee can exhaust, racing stripes or tricked out nitrous system.
    Not even a tricked out stereo with thundering bass speakers or shag carpet in the back.
    Never owned a car cover or saw the inside of a garage.
    What it has done:
    Gone to Delray beach several times, been driven in rain, snow, ice and fog. Been to Philly and Boston, gotten me to work every day, (except when going to Delray Beach…)
    It has been used.
    It has a few stains on the carpet, some scratches in the paint, the usual stuff any car experiences in ten years of daily use.
    Park your car in a supermarket lot for ten years every day, then we will compare scratches...

    What I have done –
    Changed out both the front axles.
    Installed a new driveshaft (all to replace a bad U-joint, can you believe it?)
    New rotors and pads all around
    New rear sway bar bushings (they were making a thumping noise when I hit a bump, just aggravating)
    I cleaned and polished it all up (probably the first time in years)
    I changed out the transmission fluid since Nissan now recommends that every 30K or so. The transmission was replaced (by Nissan) at about 88K due to the recall, (there are no outstanding recalls on this car), so only a bit over 30K is on the new one.

    Replaced with NT-2 green fluid, no playing around here.
    By the way, this replacement transmission Nissan put in has a drain plug AND a dipstick, will wonders never cease?
    New Hyperdrive Motivator, the old one stopped working in December so no fan to defrost the windshield. Replaced it and now fog and frost free. Yay.

    Just installed new sway bar tie links for the front sway bar. They were clunking a bit over bumps and it seemed like an easy, but non critical fix. Done. I did not installed the big sway bar rubbers, they looked fine. You have extra parts. You’re welcome.

    What you can do with this car...
    Well, that's up to you isn't it?
    Here is what you DON'T have to do, everything I noted above.
    AND you can defrost the windshield with the new hyperdrive motivator.

    You might want to put a piece of black tape over the section of the dash showing the "good luck" icon light. For those "unlucky" people, that is the glowing horseshoe with the exclamation point in it. It seems that Mavis, when putting on the new tires, did something to the tire pressure sensor, so the car thinks a tire is low on air.

    Fortunately I was raised without such high tech nonsense, I know what a low tire looks like, feels like, and how to use a pressure gauge if I cannot tell.
    It doesn't bother me. If it bothers you, you fix it.

    Why am I selling it?
    I have a new car, and keeping with the family tradition, no car is ever traded in. This one is now the spare, but we don't need it, however one of our other (newer) cars has a blown transmission, this would enable us to fix it, so consider it a donation to a good cause. No tax deduction though.

    Will you take <$$$"insert ridiculously low price here"$$$> ?
    NO. Not in a hurry to sell, so not going to be desperate, plus, I need a transmission for the other car. The transmission shop will not accept a <$$$ ridiculously low price $$$> from me either.
    If you can find a better deal, same year or newer and lower mileage - BUY IT.
    But be sure it has had the Nissan remanufactured transmission installed by a Nissan dealer!
    If Not, you can rest assured that it is overdue...

    Will you take Bitcoin, Libras, Nigerian Promissory Notes?
    NO, bring cash with dead presidents on it.
    Did I mention it is owned by a bank employee?
    Yes, he knows what funny money looks like.

    Will you take a trade?
    NO, not interested in your 4 wheeler, trailer, lawn mowing business,or other vehicles.
    Maybe real estate though, never know...

    Can I bring a mechanic to look at it?
    Sure, look all you want, but if you take anything apart - you bought it.

    Do you have a Carfax?
    NO, I am not spending money on it, you can though. There are free reports online, I have one of those (see the gallery of the website - section at the bottom). No accidents, no Floods, no outstanding recalls, one owner, etc.

    Can I test drive it?
    Sure!, Bring a photo ID license and your current insurance card, and I ride up front.

    Weekdays after 6pm, weekends, all by appt. Please note, “I will be there around 10am” means plus or minus 30 minutes tops, not “sometime Saturday or Sunday if I don’t forget or get sidetracked”, I have things to do too.

    To Contact – email – xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx – I like things in writing so I don’t forget.

    To see this website - https://rogueone.xxxxxxxxxx.com/

    WARRANTY - Standard tail light warranty offered, as soon as I cannot see your taillights, there is none!
    Seriously, its USED, you want a warranty? Buy a new car! Oh yeah, if you could do that, you wouldn't be looking at this one, would you? So it is what it is.

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  4. Muzhik

    Muzhik Elio Addict

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    Sep 4, 2015
    Ahhh! If only I had money to offer to buy a car!

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